5 top reasons why Less is More at work

19 Apr 5 top reasons why Less is More at work

Amazon is open to a change that could be exciting for all employees, especially women. They have agreed to reduce working hours for certain employees to 30 hours per week. The idea is that with less time, people can be equally effective then those with more time. I know this to be 100% true. Here is why:

1. Less gossip time: fewer working hours means less time to get stuff done, cutting out time to gossip & complain.

2.Improved time management: any working mother can tell you that every moment in the day is accounted for, there is simply no choice.

3. Improved productivity: many of us thrive under pressure. We know there is a deadline and that pressure keeps us on top of our game.

4. Better work/life balance: studies prove that having a balanced life leads to better efficacy. It help clear our minds when switching from one focus to another.

5. Happiness: with a more balanced lifestyle, Les gossip, more productivity and equal opportunity I the workplace, happiness is bound to be the result!

I would like more companies to go a step further than Amazon. If the same job can be done in 30 hours rather than 40, why bother reducing the pay?  More effective working habits should be rewarded.

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“The less intensive schedules could also boost productivity. People who log fewer hours at the office are more productive and consequently, better paid, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.”