‘Blind’ feedback helps Company Culture

07 Jul ‘Blind’ feedback helps Company Culture

According to Forbes Magazine, the anonymous feedback App ‘Blind’ allows people to share their thoughts and feedback honestly, without being worried about the repercussions.

I love the concept because I believe we need to start expressing ourselves in a forum to avoid anger/frustrations building up, and then misplacing them in other areas of life.

It also allows people to get some feedback on their thoughts/feelings from other anonymous people in the company.  The App, once implemented will certainly help us to understand the WHY in companies where morale and productivity is low.

I am very impressed.

But it is still only step 1 on the road to #Courageous #Conversation.  Once we vent, and discuss with our faceless colleagues, we must have a plan to express our thoughts to those who can encourage real progress.

“While some companies have internal company forums, the lack of anonymity prevents it from being a place where employees can honestly express themselves.”