Speaking Rights helps solve a company-wide communication challenge

The company employs 14000 people

The Situation:

A change in policy meant that a new pay structure would be implemented across the country to move to a more results base employment scheme.  Although this could really benefit most of the employees, some managers were very worried about the older employees.  They feared that many would become discouraged and leave the company.

A Blended Approach:

A melange of training methods were implemented, ranging from:

  1. Several training sessions in a variety of lengths
  2. Follow up Webinars
  3. 1 to 1 telephone calls
  4. Head office speeches
  5. Regional speeches


The most powerful part of the course was understanding the deep-seated reasons that were stopping many of the managers from having the conversations.  Allowing them to acknowledge their fears and address them in public was critical to the success of the program.  Once a problem is named, it can be dealt with more easily.

The Solution:

Customised conversation based on the DARE strategy which acknowledged the employee’s values and personal style.  The training included diagnosing the main motivators of each employee and what will inspire them to change.


Over the transition period this company of 14,000 employees did not lose 1 employee due to the change in policy.  In fact, many found it much easier to manage and motivate both new and long-term employees.