Courageous Conversation – FREE Webinar

06 May Courageous Conversation – FREE Webinar

Do you want to feel valued and noticed for your contributions at work?

I never self promote via blog, but because this is a completely free session so I made an exception.  Here is the press release:

On Thursday May 19, Janet Tarasofsky, Communications Expert and Award Winning Public Speaker, will hold a FREE 45 minute webinar which will focus on how courageous conversations can move your career forward.  With 20 years’ experience in the consumer goods industry, Janet knows the importance of great communication and has turned her attention to helping businesses grow through teaching modern and relevant communication strategies.

Janet’s method of communicating leads to pro-active discussions that lead to real progress.  She knows that expressing yourself courageously will help deliver messages with more confidence and greater impact.

Attendees will be given insights on how to have a courageous conversation with colleagues, suppliers  and bosses.

The key to having a courageous conversation lies in four simple steps: D.A.R.E

  • Diagnose
  • Adapt
  • Raise the Bar
  • Essential Tools

Janet will share case studies where Courageous Conversations has improved speed to market, helped increase employee retention and most importantly keep you motivated at work.

Sign up here to find out how to have a career changing Courageous Conversation!…/courageous-conversations/


Speak soon,