Why we didn’t see it coming

09 Nov Why we didn’t see it coming

The truth is that we are all guilty of turning the other way when you don’t agree with someone else’s point of view. We see, we hear and we read what fits into our own ideals.

This does not make for very good forecasting as you will read below.

When we REALLY listen we are being open to all possibilities. I always teach that first rule in a Courageous conversation is to understand that You may not be right.

We may not like the outcome of the us election, we may not like the outcome of Brexit, but who said that we are meant to only work with what/who we like??

Courage is about being open to working with every (sane) person no matter how different they are to yourself.

Proceed with Courage,



“You probably didn’t want to have a difficult conversation with your aunt whom you know is voting for Trump.”