Doctors must have heightened communication skills

08 Sep Doctors must have heightened communication skills

Remember that time when you were sitting in the doctors office, naked & feeling vulnerable, as your examing doctor said asolutely nothing to you aside from the occasional grunt?  Clearly he was in a bad mood because everytime your meakly voiced a complaint he seemed to get even more annoyed!

Too many of you will resonate with this story, because sadly it happens too often!  I have enormous respect for most doctors and nurses out there, but it would help if more of them were better at communicating with their patients.

We have certainly progressed in days past, but this article highlights the need for heightened listening and empathetic skills. Not only will it help the patient feel less reserved/scared/ apprehensive to visit, but it also helps the  doctor diagnose more effectively.  Read on to get done good tips on improving your Courageous Communication skills too!

“Medicine is a fundamentally human profession that requires effective communication with patients and coworkers to achieve a high standard of care.”