I want to work from home!

09 Jan I want to work from home!

‘I want to work from home‘….. is a pretty scary conversation to have with your boss, dare I say a Courageous One.  The article below offers some sound advice on the approach, but I am not sure it would give me the courage to actually DO it.

What would?  Perhaps if someone could walk me through how the conversation may go, making it feel more real.  At the risk of you thinking I am speaking to myself (Which I do often BTW), I have created an imaginary talk below:

Imagine that you have done all your research, looked at all options, history and precedents concerning your request to work from home. It is Tuesday and you have given yourself the PEP talk you need to ask the question.  You enter your boss’s office and say:

You: I have an idea that I would like to discuss with you.

Boss: I have 3 minutes. Talk 

You: GULP.  Um…. I will come back later when you have more time.

Me: NOOOO.  Get back in there.  Breathe in slowly through the nose, hold for a couple of seconds and breathe out through your mouth.  Now go!

You:  On second thought.  I will take those 3 minutes.  I was thinking about the company objectives for the year and I would like to help our team achieve them. (notice that I have focused on the business objectives, not your own)

Boss: Brilliant, how? 

You: Much of my job is focus work which I have trouble doing in a busy office atmosphere.  On the other hand, the other part of my job depends very much on the office environment.  Which is why I propose working from home 2 days a week in order to maximise my skills and get my job done better and faster.

Boss: Laughs…That is an interesting prospect but if I say ‘yes’ to you, I will have to say yes to everyone.  (You need to prepare a list of objections that may be presented)

You: Not necessarily.  If we change part of my role to achieve the corporate objective of X, then the team can see it as a special project. 

Boss: Would you really focus better at home with your children, dogs and elderly mother being there?

You: I know that I would, guaranteed.  But I would rather show you.  How about giving it a 3 month trial? (Give the option to retract if it is not working for you or them)

Boss:  Let me think about it and I will get back to you.

As mentioned below, it is best not to demand an answer immediately, but do make sure to follow up within the next 24 hours or it may slip her mind.

Please do enjoy the article below and then use the above conversation to imagine it is actually your boss speaking back to you.  What would she/he say and what kind of replies would you give her/him.  Keep in mind that your answers need to make business sense.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.



“I want to work from home two days a week. How can I approach this with my boss as it is not really the “culture” here?”