Inspiring true stories

28 Jan Inspiring true stories

Last weekend I met 3 incredible people who shared their stories with me.  I was so impressed that I thought I would share it forward….

Story 1:

An 18 years old woman is sitting in a London court room watching her lawyer try to achieve the impossible task of….. setting her free.   Impossible because she was caught trying to burn her family home down, twice, with everyone in it.   The lawyer had 2 great advantages:

  1. He cared and believed in his client.
  2. He had charisma.

As he spoke to the jury, words dripped from his mouth like honey. His grace came through his perfect timing as he moved his body with purpose.  His eye contact was mesmerizing and his authenticity overrides all.  The lawyer presented enough evidence and skill to prove that the 18-year-old woman was in fact temporarily insane due to a hormone imbalance.  He won her a second chance at life and she has made sure to use it wisely.  Nikki Owen has spent the last 30 years teaching charisma to people around the world.


Story 2:

A woman walks into her daughter’s room one morning to find that she has stopped breathing.  Her daughter had heart failure during the night.  She is rushed to hospital where the mother is told that her daughter will most likely die.   This is not the first tragedy that has happened.  Both her daughters were born with heart defects and both have gone through open heart surgery several times.  And yet this mother of two very sick children decides to spend her life couching people on the topic of happiness!  She helps business and individuals find ways to shed off negativity and live happier lives.

Her daughter survived the heart failure and is now back at home healthy and happy.


Story 3:

A married couple were having some major problems.  The husband had lost his job and he began to retreat into himself.  He began lying about what he did in his day, getting involved in dodgy ‘get rich quick’ schemes, and not getting home until late at night.  The wife stopped trusting him as she continually caught him in more lies.

One morning she asked her husband to give the kids a healthy choice of cereal (he was known for choosing Coco Pops often).   When she came into the kitchen,  she was pleased to find her kids eating All Bran.  But on closer inspection, she noticed that only the top layer of the cereal bowl had All Bran, and underneath the top layer lay some very unhealthy Coco Pops.   She left him that day.

Which story inspires you?

Thank you for reading,