Talk to yourself?

15 Oct Talk to yourself?

Did you read the piece in Stylist magazine by Caroline Corcoran about the benefits of ‘self-talk’? Turns out that I am not (entirely) crazy….because we ALL talk to ourselves! In fact it can be very helpful at times! Which is what I have been telling myself (in the mirror) for years 🙂

But what happens when that inner voice becomes umm….RUDE? Last year I delivered a speech about my inner voice, who looks just like Jerry Seinfeld’s mother.

Here are the types of conversations we have:

  • Me: I’ve decided to pursue a career as a Speaker
  • The voice: Oye vay Janet, over my dead body. You’ll be broke…and THEN what will I tell the neighbours?


  • Me: I may have chosen the wrong man
  • The voice: I told you over and over again, you need a nice Jewish boy. Preferably an accountant.


  • Me: I’m thinking of getting into the cosmetics industry
  • The voice: Great (hands waving in the air), now she thinks she is Estée Lauder


  • Me: I feel like I just messed up this situation
  • The voice: I always told you to just get married and move next door to your mother.   

I tried yelling at the voice!

I tried ignoring it!

I tried denying it!

But after some years I realised that I was not getting anywhere. In fact, I was just rejecting a part of who I am. Like it or not, that rude Jewish grandma is part of my subconscious – the part that is trying to protect me from harm.  I needed to teach her that it is OK to make mistakes, in fact I will never succeed without them.

So here is what I now say to my voice when it steps out of line

  • I know you are afraid because you care
  • I know that the fear is too much to bare
  • But you must try and support me as you whisper in my ear
  • Because you are home and will always be welcome here.

Thanks for reading and go to Stylist Live!