The perks of Crying

20 Jan The perks of Crying

To cry or not to cry, that is the question…

My answer: YES,  Cry freely.

There is not much that can trump a good cry.   It’s the psychological equivalent of an orgasm: a pent-up release of feelings that you’ve been holding onto for too long. It is exactly the release that our emotions sometimes need…..BUT we tend to hold back…..because of what others may think….

I think that it is now time to hold your middle finger UP to ‘other people’s opinions’ and grab your next chance to let the tears flow without abandon, and without shame.

Crying helps you cope with the big issues in your life.   It is a healthy way of processing your feelings, a much better alternative to lashing out at a poor innocent bystander – children, animals, colleagues.   It may not be appropriate to burst out in tears HereNow, but please do not wait too long.   Because your sadness will find another way of coming out…. and it may not be pretty.

To weep is (almost always) an authentic expression of emotion, a welcome action in a world full of bullshit.   It is the antithesis to the utter nonsense that comes out of our mouths daily:

  • ‘My life is perfect’
  • ‘I will never ever call him again!’
  • ‘I did not just give my child candy to keep her quiet’.

Shedding a tear is a beautiful thing.

Cry for your health.  Cry for your freedom. Cry for your humanity

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