TWO. Speak to connect

27 Nov TWO. Speak to connect


There are very few certainties in the world, but there are TWO facts that we cannot argue with:

  1. We are all different for one another
  2. All of us live on the same planet

It does make you wonder WHY we spend so much effort hating those who are different from us, and barely any effort learning to understand each-other?

There are always TWO sides to every story:

We have a tendency to jump to conclusions far too often.  I recently met a woman who is cheating on her husband, which I do not agree with.  I immediately classified her as ‘immoral’.  But at the time I didn’t consider the circumstances that led her to that decision.  I do not know if he treats her with respect, or if he threatens her with money or otherwise.  I do not know if he loves her.

It is best to know the full story before judging. Better to not to judge at all.


Life is meant to be shared. TWO is a pair, a union.

A union inevitably leads to the need to compromise, to tolerate every part of our partner, not just the bits that we like.   Imagine if we could extended that ability to everyone, our colleagues and those whom we share the world with.


TWO is the number of fingers that symbolises peace


One is a lonely number. Nothing in life is singular, nothing is one sided. ‘One’ means that you have missed an entire side of the story.

Communication is about discovering another point of view. It takes TWO to have a worthwhile conversation.  It takes TWO to connect.

Thank you for reading,