Wallow in it: 5 tips for dealing with the Trump Tragedy

10 Nov Wallow in it: 5 tips for dealing with the Trump Tragedy

The morning after Brexit I woke up to a surge of social media messages telling me that we need to move on, accept the democratic process and see the bright side.

I remember thinking ‘Please be quiet and just let me mourn the death of my hopes for the future.’  Sound familiar?

It is not my style to tell you how to deal with this tragedy but I thought i would share some thoughts that helped me deal with the Brexit shock.

Top tips for dealing with political disappointment:

1. Take the time to feel bad.  Yesterday was a big deal, it is not something that can be pushed aside. The shock takes time to absorb.  You do not need to get up and move on just yet.

2. Talk and Listen. Talking to everyone will help you vent, share your grief and find some comfort. But take advantage of this rare time when your mental paradigms are shattered, to listen to another point of view.  Because that view exists and it needs to be understood.

3. Build a network for resilience. I found the level of hatred rose to a new levels after Brexit.  People I never knew to be anti-Semitic, racist and narrow minded showed their true colours.  A man I knew actually told me to ‘shove my Jew attitude up my ass😬’.  I took comfort in knowing that this particular man is really dumb.  But despite that knowledge, I needed my social network to remind me that there are still normal people in this world.

4. Fight back. Don’t accept this mans values. Especially all the women and girls out there. But do it without violence.

5. And finally, somewhere amongst all this madness there is a very small silver lining. Find it and hold onto it for dear life.  Because that is your hope,and you will need it to help get through this time.

Be courageous and be cool,