Why do we insist on killing ourselves?!

01 Jul Why do we insist on killing ourselves?!

I am always fascinated by human behaviour, specifically when Death is on the line.

We know that smoking will kill us yet many still do it. We text whilst driving, cross the street without looking, have unprotected sex and of course sit in the sun without the proper amount of SPF. Obviously this list goes on and on..

Part of our brain knows how precious life is, but there seems to be a more compelling side in our minds that lures us towards termination. Why do you think that is? The vast amount of neuroscientist out there must have some ideas??

In the meantime based in the article below, I would like to appeal to your ‘I-Love-Life’ side: please stay out of the sun, and if you must be in it, keep reapplying a reputable brand of sun protection throughout the day. It is easy and it all starts with a #Courageous #Conversation!

“One of the reasons for the rise in melanoma rates is likely related to the ‘sun, sea and sangria’ generation who benefitted from cheap package holidays from the 1960s onwards”